Dear guest Psaravolada’s Staff welcoming you and wish you a pleasant stay.


A welcome drink handmade from the owner is in your room, for you to enjoy at your balcony or your veranda, during your stay at Psaravolada.



Psaravolada’s Resort Timetable:


ü  Reception is open from 08:00 to 15:00 and from 18:00 to 23:00.

ü  Breakfast time from 08:30 to 10:30.

ü  The Restaurant opens from 15:00 until 23:00.

ü  Check in time after 15:00.

ü  Check out time is until 11:00.


Reception Phone +302287031050
Viber, What’sApp, iMessage +306940775117 Nansy


At your arrival time we give you a map of Milos island.


More information’s about Milos island or boat trip, you can ask from our staff during the reception’s time mode.



Room Information:


ü  On your room card key, you will find the Wi-Fi password.

ü  For the electricity you have to put the card in the suitable socket. When you take the card the only in operation is the refrigerator and the external light.


Electronic Safe Box Instruction:

·         Place your valuables into the safe box

·         Close and push the door

·         Enter the personal code of your choice

·         Finally push the ENTER button


ü  On the desk you will find the remote control for the TV and for the air condition.

ü  On the washbasin there are amenities for the personal hygiene.

ü  Hydromassage column have different programs to choose depending on your preferences.

ü  The hot water is from the left side and you have to wait a few seconds and the cold water is from the right side.

ü  The water in Milos is not suitable for drink.

ü  Inside the refrigerator there is a bottle of water, free of charge.

ü  Please do not throw the papers in the toilet.

ü  Beach towels you can find inside the wardrobe.

ü  The smoking is not allowed inside the room, only in your balcony or your veranda.

ü  You can you the espresso machine for free (two capsules per day)





Because of Covid-19 we have to be careful, Ministry of Tourism suggest:


·         Not Frequent room cleaning during your stay.

·         Not every day changing sheets and towels.

·         Cleaning the room with steam cleaner and use cleaners suitable to the situation and environmentally friendly.

·         Installing a disposable cover on the controls of the TV and

        air condition.

·         Frequent opening of the doors and the windows for natural ventilation of the room daily.

After Ministry’s of Tourism suggestion’s, we would like to inform you that we will keep safe you, without stopping offer you high services.




·         We clean the room every 2 days.

·         We change the sheets and the towels every 3 days.

·         We keep all the security measures.

·         We use cleaners suitable to this situation and environmentally friendly.

·         After the room cleaning our staff use steam cleaner and antiseptic in the hole room, for the suitable decontamination.

·         Our staff is fully updated for the new security measures and equipped with the suitable equipment.

·         The sheets and the towels washed in 70⁰C and up, to a partner laundry with all the security measures.


Please let us know if the cleaning program is convenient for you or if you want to make it suitable for you.


Useful Phone Numbers:



·         Health Center: +302287360001

·         Pharmacy Plaka: +302287021405

·         Pharmacy Triovasalos: +302287021045

·         Pharmacy Adamantas: +302287021240


·         Milos Port: +302287023360

·         Milos Airport: +302287022381

·         Bus Station Office: +302287022451

·         Taxi Services: +302287022219


·         Catacombs: +302287021625

·         Archaeological Museum: +302287021620

·         Folklore Museum: +302287021292

·         Mining Museum: +302287022481

·         Ecclesiastical Museum: +302287023956

·         Maritime Museum: +302287060105


·         Pancetian Bank: +302287028210

·         National Bank: +302287027104

·         Agrotiki Bank: +302287022330

·         Commercial Bank: +302287022263

·         Piraeus Bank: +302287024029


·         Post Office: +302287021214

·         Tourist Information Center: +302287022445

·         Police department: +302287021204



Covid-19 is a new situation for all the countries. We do our best for you and we keep all the security measures.


Ministry of Tourism because of Covid-19 imposed on us new security measures.


Frequent hand washing:


Apply next steps when you wash your hands with water and soap:


·         Step 1st. Wet your hands with clean water (hot or cold), close the fount and apply soap.

·         Step 2nd. Apply soap in the hole surface of your hands, between your fingers and under your nails.

·         Step 3rd. Clean your hands well for at least 20 seconds.

·         Step 4th. Rinsed your hands well under of clean water

·         Step 5th. Dry your hands using a clean towel or a handkerchief one used or air dry.

·         Step 6th. Avoid to close the fount with clean hands, use handkerchief, especially if you are out of home.


When you are out of home use alcoholic antiseptic:

Apply next steps in order to clean your hands when you use alcoholic antiseptic:


·         Step 1st. Apply appropriate quantity antiseptic on your hand palm.

·         Step 2nd. Apply antiseptic in the hole surface of your hands, between your fingers and under your nails.

·         Step 3rd. Clean your hands well for at least 20 seconds.


Stop Covid-19 transmission:

Covid-19 transmission is from human to human or from contaminated surfaces.

Due to the high-grade transmission of the virus we have to be careful both personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness:


·         Hand hygiene, use antiseptics and avoid hand contact with the face.

·         Keeping social distances.

·         Respiratory hygiene.

·         Use of personal protective equipment.







·         PLAKA PASTRIKOU AIKATERINI 00302287021405

·         TRIOVASALOS MARTAKIS STEFANOS 00302287021045

·         ADAMANTAS XIDOU ANNA 00302287021240



 [email protected]00302287028018



 [email protected] 00302287021241

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